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Happy Black History Month 2023!


Happy Black History Month 2023!

As Black clinicians, we are happy to share resources to add to your tool kit each month! As this month is February, we will highlight information related to Black History Month, Black Mental Health and resources for allyship in the journey to end racism and all forms of systemic oppression. We will share resources related to communication, as well as addressing your own self-care!

Let us first address self-care! We are bombarded daily with news, social media and constant information about the world in which we live in! With the news of the murder of Tyre Nichols by officers of the Memphis Police Department, we would like to acknowledge and state that Bolden Therapy & Wellness does not condone violence toward any community. We would like to acknowledge the horrid death of Tyre Nichols. We know the footage released on January 27, 2023, is activating to the world, but especially to communities of color. We encourage individuals to seek support and professional help. Our focus remains to provide a safe and seen environment. Please take care of yourself if viewing images or videos related to the violence resulting in Tyre's death, it is greatly triggering, traumatic and emotionally disturbing.

How are you addressing your self-care?

Self-care is defined as the action of taking action to preserve, address and intentionally support ones own mental, emotional and physical health.

Take a self-care assessment above to see where you are and how you are functioning currently! While February is also the month of love, highly featured on Valentine's Day, it is also important to address how you love yourself, or your self-care. Are you aware of your love language and how to express love to yourself? Consider exploring more here!

How are you balancing the stress you feel, with what you need for yourself? When navigating routine and regular stress, racial trauma and racism, discrimination or the like, it is important to engage in self-care and supportive pause, it is not helpful to push through, but to slow down. Take a look at the Self-Care Wheel as a self-assessment of where you are in your balance and where you can address more love, care and compassion with yourself.

Black History IS American History, and this month began as an opportunity to share more insight on the impactful folks that have added to the fabric of the American Dream through pain, suffering and sacrifice!

Specifically in the world Black Mental Health History, there are so many pioneers that have not only paved the way for supporting Black Americans and their mental health; but has also lended the way for Bolden Therapy & Wellness to exist today. We acknowledge, honor and thank the sacrifices that allow us to serve, support and continue to offering a space for healing for Black and Brown individuals and families; and all people in our community.

Other Ways to Provide Natural Discussion About Black History Month

There is a show about EVERYTHING! Here are some of our favorites that show and express emotion related to Black History, our voices, our culture, our love, our laughter, more than our pain; our experience!

Black-ish: Season 5, Episode 14: Black History Month

Karma's World: Season 1, Episode 3: Hair Comes Trouble

But I Don't Know How to Start the Conversation About Race

Talking about race is uncomfortable! There are many concerns about how to say what, and what to say at all. While it is difficult and uncomfortable, it is necessary and with more conversation and communication, comes more understanding and support. Communication and understanding is what builds, promotes and supports community!

Final Thoughts

Til next time friends, family and community! We strive to continue to create a safe space for all we see, and for those that are often unseen in this world. We are thankful for the continued opportunities for growth, communication and healing for ourselves and our clients. We continue to grow, stretch and learn to provide more of the same opportunities for those we help. Blogs are new for us! We appreciate your patience and ideas! Happy healing and wellness!


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