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Happy International Play Therapy Week!

Play Therapy is the magic of play, language and expression coming together for emotional healing! And, it works!

The history of play therapy and it's timeline is quite fascinating! Something that seemed so simple and routine, brought about much change, support and emotional healing. Play Therapy began in the fabric of Child Psychotherapy with the minds of Anna Freud, Margaret Lowenfeld and Melanie Klein in the early 1900s. Play Therapy was created through the lenses of Humanistic and Attachment (Bowlby) theories, along with the work of Carl Rogers and Virginia Axline. These individuals and many more, including Gary Landreth, Sue Bratton, Paris Good-Year Brown, etc. paved the way and are still planting seeds to bloom in the field today!

Here are some additional play therapy resources that may provide continued insight and encouragement regardless of the roll of therapist, parent, family or friend!

Coloring Activities for the Family

How cool is it that International Play Therapy Week falls in Black History Month? (Pretty cool!)

In continued honor of Black History Month and the impactful clinicians of color in the Play Therapy field, please check out several resources below to add to your toolkit of play with your client, child or loved one!

Don't forget, anyone can play!

“If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention that characterizes children before they are deformed by adult society.” -Jean Piaget

See ya!


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